Guides For Home Buyers

Read through our free online guides to mortgages. Learn what a mortgage is, how to apply for a mortgage, what to do if you are a first-time buyer looking to purchase a home and what home-buying schemes there are available to buyers. 

Mortgages are one of the biggest financial commitments a person can make. The responsibility of owning property and paying a mortgage is a big life moment. That's why it's so important to know what a mortgage is, how a mortgage works, and how to get a mortgage. 

Applying for a Mortgage

Find out how to apply for a mortgage.

 Mortgages Explained

Learn the basics of what a mortgage is.


Property Valuations

Understand the differences between a basic valuation and a RICS survey.

 A Guide for First-Time Buyers

Mortgages explained for first-time buyers.

 International Investors & Expats

Are you looking to purchase property in the UK? Learn more here.


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