Whatever you have or own in life, it is always worth protecting it against loss or damage.

Life Insurance / Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection are essentially the same thing. The terms are interchangeable and are dependent on how insurance companies market their product. Life Insurance is designed to pay out the amount you are covered for if you pass away during the term of the policy. For repayment mortgages, it’s cheaper and more efficient to choose a policy that reduces in line with the mortgage so you’re not paying for cover that’s not absolutely necessary.

It can often be difficult to establish the right level of cover. It can be equally tricky to choose the right term to get your cover over. There are many things to take into consideration when establishing the right medium. One of the most important things is making sure the cover remains to be affordable (particularly for Whole of Life policies). Other things to consider are: The term of your mortgage; retirement age and how your pension is structured; work benefits; how old your children are and what age they will be financially independent; other debts/liabilities; lifestyle and partners needs. These are to only name a few.

We will guide you, address your needs and put together a plan with works for you and fits within your budget.

Critical Illness Cover

Unlike life insurance, critical illness cover is geared towards looking after you while you’re alive. In terms of how to structure the cover, there are many factors to consider as there are with Life Insurance (see Life Insurance section for examples).

Above all, it’s vital you understand how your policy works, as critical illness cover can vary from insurer to insurer. Some companies cover more illnesses and conditions than others and certain companies have much better definitions for the illnesses they cover. In addition to this, dependant on your health, lifestyle and occupation, some companies may apply exclusions on the policy making it a weaker product compared to other insurers…

With all this to consider, it’s so important to get expert advice from an experienced, qualified specialist to ensure you’ve chosen the right product that works for you and your family when you really need it.

Income Protection

Perhaps the most understated protection product on the market, income protection is designed to ensure you continue to receive an income if you are unable to work for any reason.

Income protection is often portrayed by people to be something like PPI which has had some extremely bad press over the years. This is simply not true. Having the right income protection policy in place will give you the greatest piece of mind knowing that in your inability to work, you’ll be able to continue to pay your outgoings without having to borrow money from family and friends or sacrifice lifestyle choices.

Choosing the right policy here is essential as there are many types of income protection products available. Getting advice from a qualified professional will ensure you’ve chosen the right one based on your profession, health, lifestyle and budget.

Business Protection

There are an array of angles that need protection within a business: Insuring key people, share protection, life insurance with potential of corporation tax relief; and many more.

The truth is, such products need to reflect the needs of the company and its directors. To ensure the most effective cover is put in place it’s important to speak to a qualified professional who can give advice around the products, how they work and the correct trusts are set up.

All advice we give you is always free, as is the setting up of trusts and all administration involved.


The whole point of us looking at protection, particularly life insurance, is to ensure our loved ones do not financially struggle when we pass away.

Once a life insurance policy is started, it’s highly advisable to make sure you have a trust set up. Without a trust, the money paid out from your life insurance policy will end up in your estate. Your estate is like a big pot where all your worldly belongings are stored when you pass. This can include pensions, cash in the bank, investments, equity in property, vehicles owned and life insurance policies. If the value of your estate exceeds £325,000, there will be a 40% inheritance tax your next of kin must pay before anything can be released from your estate (for the 1st death in a marriage this is exempt). In addition to this, your next of kin will have to go through the probate process which can take months, even years to complete. Until this has all been done, the money in the estate (including any money paid into the estate from a life insurance policy) is literally trapped.

The trust, which we will set up for free, is like having a separate pot for the life insurance policy to be paid into. So, on death, the money is paid into the trust instead of the estate which means:

  • There will be no inheritance liability
  • There will be no long, drawn-out probate process

“But I have a Will in place, so this won’t affect me…”

Unfortunately, though having a Will in place is important, it will have no effect on the life insurance policy paying into the estate. This is because, in a nutshell, the money from the life insurance policy doesn’t exist yet. It is not possible to put something that doesn’t exist into a Will. As a result, without a trust, the money will end up in your estate by default.

There are numerous types of trusts for various personal and business protection products. One thing you can rely on is that we will set the right trust up for you as part and parcel of the service we provide. We also have a dedicated trust team who will guide you through should you have any questions or concerns.

Inheritance Tax Solutions

The love, care and attention we give our children and family during the course of our lives is free, yet priceless. The wealth we have built in our lives will have taken many hours of arduous work – a lifetimes worth.

Coming to terms with our own mortality having watched our loved ones grow and flourish with the view of leaving behind a legacy in the form of wealth you’ve accumulated can be tricky when considering inheritance tax implications.

When dealing with such matters it’s imperative you have faith in the company you are dealing with to ensure nothing less than absolute piece of mind.

The consultant you will have allocated to you will be professional, honest and explain their recommendations thoroughly and transparently, so you fully understand the policy and its limitations.

Before speaking to a consultant, we would recommend you establish the value of your estate, so the advice given reflects the actual need rather than a very rough estimate.

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