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International & Expat Mortgages

Whether you're looking for a family home or a property investment Visionary Finance can help you finance your next purchase in the UK.

Investing in the UK property market

With the UK housing market remaining buoyant, purchasing an investment property in the UK can often make financial sense.

Securing lending for UK property purchases

Making an investment in the UK or securing a mortgage can be a challenge when you are outside the country’s borders. That’s why Visionary Finance provides you with the expertise to guide you through the entire mortgage financing process from start to finish.

Working with Visionary Finance

At Visionary Finance, we can help arrange mortgages for foreign nationals and Expats living abroad to purchase property in the UK. We can also help with remortgaging any current UK property, perhaps to secure a better rate or release some equity to make more investments.

Assisted clients from



Our international clients are located across the globe. We can arrange consultations to suit your time zones and technology.

Access to



We have close relationships with lenders who specialize in mortgages for British expats and international clients.

Recent Reviews

Read some of our recent reviews from our International and Expat mortgage clients.
  • My last 2 brokers were unable to sort out my mortgage, I felt helpless until I was introduced to Visionary Finance by the developer. I’m really impressed by their service, they have handled my case in a professional and efficient manner. They are always responsive and explained every step to me clearly. They are really committed and hardworking to help me with securing a mortgage offer, definitely recommended their great service.
  • Fantastic service. The staff have been incredible. My broker and admin have been super efficient and kept us up to date all the way throughout the process.
  • I would like to thank Visionary Finance for helping me to secure funds from a UK lender. My journey was not easy and I struggled to get proper advice from other mortgage advisers earlier, however, the team at Visionary Finance were professional and very reliable, thank you for their exceptional support.
  • Our adviser and administrator at Visionary Finance have been steward advisers throughout the lending acquisition process. The products are dictated by the lenders and the professional support from VF is critical to ensure an objective journey. Due diligence is tedious with international financing clients and attention to detail is important to manage, patiently and professionally.
  • Ali Cipriano
    In a turbulent year, our adviser's professionalism, level of communication, care and sensitivity, and sheer tenacity, helped us secure a mortgage - even as we navigated the challenges of purchasing a UK apartment across three countries and during a global pandemic. When things go smoothly, that's great, but it's when things go wrong that you need a good person and a professional on your side. We cannot thank him and the team enough.
    Ali Cipriano
  • Paul German
    I have been very impressed by the supportive service given to me by the team at Visionary Finance. My mortgage adviser didn't tire even though our application for a mortgage was a challenge as one of us is a non-resident buyer which adds complication to the arrangement process. There were a number of rejections by some lenders but Visionary Finance kept going until success was reached. Thanks for your great efforts.
    Paul German

Are you living abroad and own a UK property? Speak with an UK Expat Mortgage Broker?

Securing an expat mortgage can be quite a complex and specialist process which is why speaking with an experienced expat mortgage broker in the UK can help you obtain lending on a property you own in the UK or are looking to acquire. Here are a few reasons why you need to speak with an expat mortgage broker:

Expertise in Expat Mortgages

Brokers who specialise in mortgages for non-UK residents are well-versed in the specific challenges and requirements expatriates face. This allows them to provide tailored advice and solutions that meet your unique needs.

Access to Multiple Lenders

Mortgage brokers have an extensive network of contacts in the mortgage industry. Brokers have relationships with multiple lenders, including banks, building societies, and specialist lenders, many of which are not accessible to the general public. This broad network enables brokers to find mortgage products that suit your needs.

Guidance on Eligibility

Lender eligibility criteria for expats can vary significantly and it is not always easy to determine which lenders are willing to work with your situation. Expat mortgage brokers are familiar with these criteria and can guide you to lenders that are more likely to approve your application.

Help with Documentation

Mortgage applications require a substantial amount of documentation, and the requirements can vary from lender to lender. An expat mortgage broker will guide you through the document preparation process, ensuring that you provide all necessary paperwork in the correct format to increase your chances of mortgage approval.

Handling Complex Situations

If you have a unique or complex financial situation, such as income from multiple sources or non-standard employment contracts, an expat mortgage broker can help you navigate these complexities. They can find lenders that are more accommodating to these situations.

Managing Currency Considerations

For expats earning income in a foreign currency, currency exchange rates can have a significant impact on mortgage payments. Our expat mortgage brokers at Visionary Finance can also provide guidance on currency risk management.

If you are looking for an expat mortgage, contact our expert mortgage brokers at Visionary Finance and we will help you through the entire process.

Types Of Expat Mortgages UK

Expatriate mortgages in the UK cater to individuals living and working abroad who wish to invest in UK property. These mortgages are designed to accommodate the unique financial circumstances and challenges expatriates face.

Expat mortgages can broadly be categorised into two categories: Residential Mortgages and Buy-to-let Mortgages. Within each category, expats can get a mortgage or a remortgage. They are available in different types of interest rates such as fixed, trackers, and discounted rates. Here is an overview of these two types:

Residential Mortgages for Expats:

Expats who intend to return to the UK and want to purchase a home for themselves or their families may opt for residential mortgages.

BTL Mortgages for Expats:

These mortgages cater to expats who wish to invest in UK residential property with the intention of generating rental income.

With these mortgages, lenders usually ask for a larger deposit as compared to standard options. Borrowers have to provide 20-30% of the property’s value (for residential) or 25-40% (for BTL) as the mortgage deposit. The lending options vary depending on the individual client profile, income levels and deposit amounts.

Expats earning income in foreign currencies should be mindful of currency exchange rates, as they can impact monthly mortgage payments. Some lenders may offer foreign currency mortgages to match your income and currency.

For expats, it is always recommended to consider working with mortgage brokers who specialise in international mortgages in the UK as the process is much more complicated compared to standard mortgages. For such queries, you can always reach out to our experts at Visionary Finance.

How to get an expat mortgage

Are you looking to relocate abroad for work purpose, or are planning a retirement in a sunny destination, then you can still be eligible for a UK mortgage. Whether you own your UK home or have several investments in the UK obtaining mortgages for expats is a relatively simple process when you speak with the right mortgage broker.

How is that we can assist with your expat mortgage requirements:

The Process

Understanding your Affordability

First, we need to define the amount that you can borrow. This amount will define your affordability and is dependent on your creditworthiness, earned income or income from the BTL investment. Our expert mortgage brokers can help guide you through this process.

Lender Selection

Research the mortgage market and select a lender that specialises in international/expat mortgages and can serve your specific scenario.

Application process

Once the most suitable lending partner has been identified the application process starts. Your mortgage broker will manage the entire process from initial document gathering right through to you receiving your mortgage offer.

Choose a Mortgage Advisor

It is highly recommended to work with a mortgage advisor who specialises in expat mortgages. At Visionary Finance, our experts have been working with clients to get mortgages in more than 20 countries. We can help you understand your affordability and help you find different deals from a number of lenders. We are also aware of the legal and financial implications of different options and can guide you through it. We can provide you with valuable insights into the mortgage options available to you and help you go through the process with ease.


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