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As an independent mortgage broker, specialising in Buy-To-Let Mortgages, our qualified experts can help find you the best buy to let mortgage deal out there.
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The Client

Our client was looking to purchase a buy-to-let property but had been informed by the estate agent that the vendor would not take the property off the market until the valuation had been booked. In addition to this, another buyer was interested in the property and was involved in a valuation race. The circumstances around the purchase were creating a highly stressful situation as the opportunity was so attractive. The client was worried that they might not be able to buy the investment.

The Solution

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, Visionary Finance was able to submit the mortgage application to a bank that would act fast. The bank did not do any underwriting before they then booked the survey on the same day they had their offer on the property accepted. Thanks to our mortgage advisers’ extensive knowledge, we knew there were several buy-to-let banks available on the market who would instruct on day one. Our strong relationships with lenders made it so that we could get written confirmation before the application was submitted. The survey was instructed within 10 minutes of the application being submitted and booked for the same day. Getting everything right in the first place was essential to this case. Our quick thinking and prioritisation meant that the client was able to purchase the property with no issues.

  • My last 2 brokers were unable to sort out my mortgage, I felt helpless until I was introduced to Visionary Finance by the developer. I’m really impressed by their service, they have handled my case in a professional and efficient manner. They are always responsive and explained every step to me clearly. They are really committed and hardworking to help me with securing a mortgage offer, definitely recommended their great service.
  • Fantastic service. The staff have been incredible. My broker and admin have been super efficient and kept us up to date all the way throughout the process.
  • I would like to thank Visionary Finance for helping me to secure funds from a UK lender. My journey was not easy and I struggled to get proper advice from other mortgage advisers earlier, however, the team at Visionary Finance were professional and very reliable, thank you for their exceptional support.
  • Our adviser and administrator at Visionary Finance have been steward advisers throughout the lending acquisition process. The products are dictated by the lenders and the professional support from VF is critical to ensure an objective journey. Due diligence is tedious with international financing clients and attention to detail is important to manage, patiently and professionally.
  • Ali Cipriano
    In a turbulent year, our adviser's professionalism, level of communication, care and sensitivity, and sheer tenacity, helped us secure a mortgage - even as we navigated the challenges of purchasing a UK apartment across three countries and during a global pandemic. When things go smoothly, that's great, but it's when things go wrong that you need a good person and a professional on your side. We cannot thank him and the team enough.
    Ali Cipriano
  • Paul German
    I have been very impressed by the supportive service given to me by the team at Visionary Finance. My mortgage adviser didn't tire even though our application for a mortgage was a challenge as one of us is a non-resident buyer which adds complication to the arrangement process. There were a number of rejections by some lenders but Visionary Finance kept going until success was reached. Thanks for your great efforts.
    Paul German